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Sometimes, it is good to remember that there are multiple intelligences, you have the well known logical/mathematic intelligence, that we all know and a lot of us (me included) aren't as fond of. Next to this one, though there are seven more kinds of intelligence! Here is a page where you can read about all eight of them, and here you can take a test to find out which intelligences are strongest for you. The site even gives learning strategies tailored for each intelligence.

My intelligences apparently include Linguïstic (3.86/5), Music (3.68/5), Self or Intrapersonal (3.57/5) and Social or Interpersonal (3.57/5)

Some interesting ideas for learning strategies tailored for these intelligences are:

Linguïstic: reading aloud, writing down reflections about what I've read, keeping a journal, researching the origin and meanings of words, idioms and names.

Music: using a familiar tune to remember words in a series, creating a poem with an emphasis on certain sounds for pronunciation, working with words that sound like what they mean (onomatopoeia). One that I already do regularly is reading lyrics to music, and one that for some reason doesn't work for me at all is using music as background while studying, when I do this I only get distracted by the music.

Intrapersonal: again, keeping a journal, giving myself time to reflect on new ideas and information, working on the computer, practicing breathing for relaxation, using brainstorming methods before reading, and reading "how to" books, especially cookbooks.


Date: 2015-01-12 02:16 am (UTC)
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I've used this for distinguishing characters in Schrodinger's Heroes and The Blueshift Troupers.


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