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2015-01-11 07:13 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Hello!

Hello, welcome to my page

I'm [personal profile] mirror_gate, and this is the first time I've ventured on this site or any like it. Feel free to come say hi :)

For now, this is mainly an effort to create a safe space for myself, for learning and exploration. A place where I can store interesting findings and maybe eventually also my own creative outbursts.

We'll see, one step at a time.
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2015-01-13 04:51 pm

Urban Meditation

"When we think of physical health, we think of it in a positive light. We think of sports and athletics and eating well (...) But mental health always has a bit of a negative stigma - as if it's a clinical condition. But I think we're seeing now that the idea of (...) looking after ourselves internally, from a mental perspective, is becoming more and more accepted." - Rohan Gunatillake, Buddhify founder

Buddhify is an app that has been around for a while. Recently, an updated and improved version of the app has been launched and is now available for iOS and Android. Buddhify 2 offers a myriad of guided meditations for all kinds of times, places, and situations. It also has a timer for unguided meditations and information for if you are interested in learning more about mindfullness.

Watch a video of Rohan Gunatillake, talk about Buddhify or visit the site.

I've only just downloaded the app, but my first impression is good. )
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2015-01-11 07:25 pm
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Multiple Intelligences Test

Sometimes, it is good to remember that there are multiple intelligences, you have the well known logical/mathematic intelligence, that we all know and a lot of us (me included) aren't as fond of. Next to this one, though there are seven more kinds of intelligence! Here is a page where you can read about all eight of them, and here you can take a test to find out which intelligences are strongest for you. The site even gives learning strategies tailored for each intelligence.

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2015-01-11 06:30 pm
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Read about "The Art of Business"

[personal profile] lb_lee made two interesting posts about "The Art of Business", how to efficiently manage your art as a business. Read Part one: Advertising and Part Two: Making and Tracking Money.