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"When we think of physical health, we think of it in a positive light. We think of sports and athletics and eating well (...) But mental health always has a bit of a negative stigma - as if it's a clinical condition. But I think we're seeing now that the idea of (...) looking after ourselves internally, from a mental perspective, is becoming more and more accepted." - Rohan Gunatillake, Buddhify founder

Buddhify is an app that has been around for a while. Recently, an updated and improved version of the app has been launched and is now available for iOS and Android. Buddhify 2 offers a myriad of guided meditations for all kinds of times, places, and situations. It also has a timer for unguided meditations and information for if you are interested in learning more about mindfullness.

Watch a video of Rohan Gunatillake, talk about Buddhify or visit the site.

I've only just downloaded the app, but my first impression is good. The layout is beautiful, the guided meditations are done by people with nice voices.

My mother recommended meditating to me. I have been taking care of my physical health fairly well recently, but taking care of my mental health not so much. I'm curious to see if and how meditating with this app will help me with that.


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